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Being in a Relationship With Myself

Updated: Oct 25

By Molly Wolman

Being around friends is one of the best feelings, but also being by yourself. I heard people saying that being alone is not that good for you, but they couldn't be more wrong.

There are actually science-backed reasons/benefits of having some alone time by yourself, and I decided to share the ones I found most relevant in my personal journey.

The list of my favorite science-backed benefits of being 'alone' are:

1. Getting to know yourself

2. Being alone gives you an opportunity to plan your life

3. Being alone sparks creativity

When I was younger, I would mostly spend all day at school with my friends. But whenever I came back home-- it was my alone time with myself.

Since a very young age, I realized how essential my relationship with myself is, I used to just love being by myself doing everything alone-- like even tanning by the pool alone (So Relaxing, I Promise!).

As I got older, I started spending less and less time alone, and instead I was surrounded with friends 24/7. As I went off to college, ,my best friends were also my roommates and my social life became such an intense part of my day, that soon enough I didn’t make time for myself.

It took me a long time to realize that I was giving up on doing the things I love because I was so occupied with hanging out with my friends. The Molly I grew up to become was a girl who no longer was going to the pool or the gym... Activities that were such an important part of my day and who I was, and essentially were some sort of stress relievers for me.

The day I finally realized that I was simply 'giving up on myself' by not taking the time for myself, was the day decided to make a change. I decided to invest in my relationship with myself, the same way I invest in my relationship with my best friends.

Today, I am am back to LOVE doing things ALONE. It used to be considered “weird” to eat alone, go to the mall by yourself, the beach, or anywhere at all... Actually, many still think it’s weird, but who cares, I just decided to ignore the outside noises, and come back home to me.

I know that there was a point in my life that I really needed to hear this, so, if this resonates with you on any level... If being alone makes you know yourself better, allows you to think alone, and feels great then that’s all that matters, it really shouldn't be an issue what people think... (Saying from experience)

It can feel great and be great when you spend time with only yourself, even if it's socially weird. Embrace the weird.

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