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Bottle Return Servicea step-by-step guide to help you take care of our planet

Closing-the-Loop with Yardè 

Thank you for choosing to recycle with us. Your choice in sending back your Yardè products allows us to stay true to our core values: self-care and living sustainably do co-exist, flawlessly actually.

1. Wash

     Go for it – use every last drop of your beloved Yardè product. When you get to the very end, wash your bottle & cap out as best you can with household tap water & mild dish soap. No need to worry about waterway pollution, our products are made with all vegan, clean ingredients.

 2. Pack

     For shipping, we recommend using the box in which you received our bottles or any other shipping box you have laying around the house. Here's your chance to recycle yourself, reusable boxes make us happy.


     If Shipping Back Multiple Items. . .


     If we get lucky & you’re shipping us back multiple products, make sure to isolate the bottles from each other so they won't break. You can use any available paper you have like newspaper, magazine, or anything else you see fit!

3. Shipping Label

     Now that everything is packed and ready to go, you can send Orlene an email, our sustainability guru, at and write that you are interested in sending back your Yardè bottles. 


She will be happy to send you a printable shipping label. Go ahead and print then paste on your prepared package. 


     Note . . .  


Once the label is generated, your plan to recycle with us is already in motion & the shipping company will plan your collection.

4. Pick-Up Text

      At this point, you should start to receive texts from our shipping company looking to arrange the pickup. 


They will need:




. . . . with whatever works best for you




1. Final Step

finite ! 

Thank you for choosing to do your skin-care routine with us. We know how important it is to you, and feel lucky to be a part of your day. . . 

Your bottle is now on its way back to us to be recycled in our in-house recycling facility. Now you can sit back and relax and let us take over from here knowing your choice in sending back your bottle truly helps reduce our packing waste, one bottle at a time.  . . 

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