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My Winter Skincare Essentials

By Remi Fisher

@freckledbyheathermarie on Pinterest

Winter is a tricky season to navigate. The cold season always causes a bunch of issues for my skin. In the winter, my lips get chapped more often and my skin tends to dry out. While my body adjusts to the freezing temperatures, I have a few skincare essentials that help keep me moisturized and feeling revitalized.

The key to staying hydrated during the winter is layering your skincare. Here’s what’s worked for me: using a calming moisturizer and then putting a thick moisturizer on top. Doubling up on moisturizer really helps to lock in the hydrating ingredients that your dry skin is craving. Personally, I start my layering with a vitamin C serum, followed by the double moisturizer. My favorite products for this are: the Yardè Vitamin C Serum Glow, then the Yardè Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Cream, and lastly the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This routine is a sure-fire way to make your dry winter skin feel plump and refreshed.

Sunscreen In The Winter? Judgment Free

One thing that I’m guilty of is choosing not to wear sunscreen on cloudy days. Fun fact: the sun’s rays can pass through any clouds or rain and affect your skin. The beach isn’t the only occasion to put on sunscreen. A huge piece of advice that my dermatologist has told me is to wear sunscreen every single day (meaning no exceptions for snowy days). Normally during the summer, I opt for a lightweight and sheer sunscreen (like Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen). I find that I look for a much different type of sunscreen in the winter. My requirements are that the consistency has to be thick and creamy, along with the sunscreen having some tint or glow to it. Products with a sheer skin tint are my favorite for times when I could use a little bit of glowiness and color in my face. My go-to sunscreen this winter is either the EltaMD Daily Tinted Sunscreen or the Supergoop CC Screen. Both of these are great options for a glowy, yet moisturizing, sunscreen!

Cream Is A Necessity, And Not Only For The Face

Another daily essential for me is hand cream. This is something that I have with me at all times. Actually, I prefer small or sample-sized hand creams because they can fit in my jacket pocket and backpack. Having hand cream goes a long way to making your skin feel nourished; I use mine after washing my hands or being in the cold for a long time. The same rules apply for chapstick! I always have a small, but mighty, lip care product with me. There is nothing worse than the feeling of chapped hands and lips. My current hand creams are the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and the Glow On 5th Chamomile Hand Cream. My go-to lip balm is the Yardè Beauty Balm, or just Aquaphor. Any of these will do the trick and keep your skin hydrated.

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