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Instagram Star Adi Bloom Shares Her Minimalistic Beauty Routine & Wellness Remedies

Bloom is our current favorite "influencer" on Instagram. It is not only when you have a shitty day, and you want a quick pick-me-up that you turn to her page @adibloomm, but also when you're craving inspiration for vegan recipes and easy, yet rewarding workouts.

Looking from the side, it seemed that during the crazy reality under the global pandemic, Bloom managed to incorporate healthy practices into her day-to-day life, and thankfully we were all there to watch and get inspired. She is now leading a vegan, more sustainable lifestyle, and she also just launched her podcast 'BACK TO BASICS', with her friend where they talk more about healthy-lifestyle and wellness.

Our favorite thing about her is that she encourages her followers to focus on their individual journeys, and do the best they can at any specific moment. Bloom currently resides in Tel Aviv, after spending two years in the United States, North Carolina. The Yardè Editorial sat down with her to hear a little bit more about her beauty and wellness rituals as a full-time social media star, and a new podcast hostess.

" I love to dance around my room! I count it as a self care practice because it really makes me feel my best and lifts me up."

Y: What’s helped you to find confidence in yourself?

AB: I believe it was the simple thought, or maybe understanding that we only have one life to

live on this planet, so we better enjoy it as much as we can.

So today for example, when I wake up, I say affirmations, just to remind myself to focus

on the positive side of life. So for example, I will be thinking about the things I'm

good at and my personal achievements.

This really helps me focus my thoughts, and start the day off with some good energy!

Y: What are some skincare items you’re loving today?

AB: Well obviously the Yarde’s products have truly upped my skincare game. The beauty balm was honestly a life-saver this winter.

But I mostly like to keep my skincare routine simple and minimal, I feel like this is best for my skin. So I would only sometimes, on special occasions go on and add a face or

lip mask for some extra hydration, or maybe on the weekends when I want to truly relax and do a more thorough skincare routine. But other than that, I have my Yardè four-step skincare routine, and that's pretty much it. I start with double cleansing with the Face Wash, go on to the Maris-Sal Tonic to balance my skin, and then I like to mix the oil serum and the moisturizer and I'm good to go!

Y: Are there any unconventional self-care practices that you love doing?

AB: I love to dance around my room! I count it as a self care practice because it really makes

me feel my best and lifts me up.

Y: What’s your go-to hair routine like?

AB: Lately I've been barely even touching my hair. I'm not sure exactly why, but I feel like I feel

like when I'm just letting it 'breathe' and I don't mess with it too much, it looks and

feels amazing. I do however every now and then use some hair oil right after the shower

but that would be all. And I wash it twice a week...

Y: What’s your daily makeup routine?

AB: I always go for the “no makeup, makeup look.” So basically that means I would use my mascara, eyebrow gel and maybe a little touch of concealer. During summer however, I honestly am obsessed with the 'sun-kissed' look, so on top of all that I would add a little bit of blush to my chicks and the top of my nose.

I also have freckles, and I love them, so I usually don't do anything that would cover them up.

Y: Do you have any favorite fragrances?

AB: My go-to fragrance for a very long time now is “This Is Her” by Zadig&Voltaire.

It is this simple scent that also can fit any mood. So I just love it- highly recommended.

Y: How would you describe your current wellness routine?

AB: I would describe it is as simple, and basic.. What I focus on is just listening to my

body everyday - all day and do what it tells me to. So obviously I don't have any

specific practices, and my "routine" changes based on how I feel.

Y: How else do you keep your

stress down?

AB: I have many small habits, like going on a long walk in the city, either leaving my phone behind, or sometimes taking it with me so I could listen to podcasts, I find it very relaxing and it helps me get back on track when things get a bit overwhelming. I also love to cook, practice yoga and read books.

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