How To Take Your Confidence Back

Updated: Jun 21

By Samantha Preza

As I take in the past year of my life I realize how much growth I have come to within myself. I have not only changed for the better but in a way that the people around me notice this change as well.

It is so hard to grow a certain form of confidence in your 20s. When I look back at myself in high school, I was never confident enough in my looks, my jokes or my brain. I felt so much resentment for myself. I took this terrible trait with me to college as well. This past year I was finally able to realize I have no reason not to be confident in myself. This transition happens to everyone at some point in their life.

In high school, there was always a drop in my confidence compared to the people around me. I had so many overpowering thoughts about myself that I could never let leave my head. There are so many ways that anyone who is not feeling confident in themselves can break this trend. This year I was finally able to focus on myself and realized how many things you can do to help yourself get out of this rut you may be in.

The first way to face this issue is to change the constant thoughts that run through your head. Make it a point for your own sake that when you have the urge to fill your mind with negative thoughts, you must stop yourself in the middle of it and then counter those thoughts with ways you can overcome them. Make yourself believe otherwise. Make sure you feel confident in ways of cleanliness.

Feeling clean is another way of feeling confident in your looks and exposure to others. I like to buy clothes that make me feel better about myself. I like to make it a point that none of the clothes I buy whether they are jeans, tops, underwear or bras are for anyone but myself.

This is a fear that all people face. Not just men and not just women. It is also something that you never know when you might gain or lose your confidence in life. It is a relationship that will never be easy for anyone. It can be rocky sometimes.

It is important to address what you know you want for yourself. Never give up on feeling your best. I found this feeling in so many ways, including hobbies, school, fashion and fitness. Throughout this process, make sure that you create the best version of yourself possible.

This year, I finally concluded that confidence is essential to go through life with. It is not about being too confident where it comes off as being cocky, but both men and women should have confidence in

a way that shows you really love yourself. This way of thinking will help with future relationships with men, women and the future relationship you want with yourself.

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