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How I Transformed My Skin (In Just Two Weeks)

By Remi Fisher

My skin is either really good or really bad, and there's no in-between. For back to school,

my goal was to create healthy habits to stabilize my skin. I went into this semester wanting to

look and feel like I’m glowing inside and out. I’ve been practicing some new habits for two

weeks and so far, the mission of making my skin glow is a success.

The most important step to better skin is: a stable skincare routine. I can credit my

newfound glass skin look to the consistent use of Yardè Skincare products. After using them

for two weeks, the Yardè products that have made the biggest improvements to my complexion

Every morning, I use the serum before the moisturizer. This serum has diminished some of the

fine lines right below my lower eyelid, hydrating the area and making it more firm, which makes

me look way more well-rested than I actually am. If you want your skin to look glowy, like a

glazed-donut, the serum instantly achieves that. I credit the majority of my beautiful skin

transformation to this serum. I fell in love with it! Since I began using the serum, I’m often asked

what type of skin tint, foundation, or SPF is on my face!

Both the serum and crème are full of the most sought-out ingredients in skincare: Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Vitamins E and C, and Avocado Oil. My skin is a mix of dry and oily;

in the past, it has been hard for me to find a moisturizer that lasts. The face crème from Yardè

does the job! This moisturizer keeps my face feeling nourished throughout my busy school days.

It’s like a glass of water for my skin. It is soothing and really locks the serum in. I love that this

cream feels lightweight and glides into the skin, but it is a powerful hydrator. My hormonal

breakouts have been less red and noticeable over the last two weeks, which I attribute to my new

skincare routine using these two products. My blemishes, oiliness, and under eye area are

balanced out. Overall, I look healthier and happier.

My second step to glowing skin: drink less coffee and more water.

Side note: if you have a million cups of coffee (like me) and drink zero cups of water, it's probably affecting your skin!

Here’s what I noticed about drinking so much caffeine: I was having trouble sleeping, was

extremely tired, had caffeine crashes, and was super dehydrated. I suggest getting a cute water

bottle that makes you want to carry it around all day. I love my water bottle because it is glass

and it has time stamps on it– this helps me drink water constantly throughout the day.

Wellness definitely starts from the inside: increasing my water intake has made me feel more energized during the day. Also, the dark circles under my eyes are much less prominent now. My whole face looks brighter as a result.

And although underestimated, this next tip completely transformed my skin: consistency is key. I started to wear sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and wash my face everyday. The

stability of a skincare routine with clean and powerful ingredients made the biggest difference in

evening out the texture of my skin and oiliness in my T-zone. Protecting and cleaning your face

goes a long way to making you look refreshed.

Your skin will thank you!

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