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Fall Semester, College, and a Much Needed Face Mask

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

By Remi Fisher

College can be overwhelming [coming from a college student herself...]. The definition of stress is college, a.k.a moving to a new place, making friends all over again, and getting lost on campus. When I was a freshman in school, I felt like I had to say yes to everything. I barely even had time to do a quick face mask at night (my favorite part of my daily routine).

Credit: @Etsy

My schedule became jam-packed with classes, extracurriculars, and hanging out with people. I started straightening my hair every day to fit in. My skin was breaking out in ways that it never had before. I didn’t even have time to call my parents as much as I wanted to. I realized that in my quest to gain a million friends and do everything all the time, I forgot to prioritize myself.

Looking back on that year now as a junior, I realize how ridiculous all of it was. The truth is that I just needed to slow down and enjoy the moment. It's not the end of the world if you stay in to catch up on your favorite Netflix show. And it’s okay to miss dinner with friends if it means that you get to unwind and do a face mask. Going into this third year at school, I don’t feel pressured to do everything all at once anymore. I’m more grounded in my priorities. Nowadays, I have the time to FaceTime my parents almost every day. I only do activities that I genuinely want to do.

Credit: @christinachloe01

For college freshmen out there, don’t stress yourself out trying to fit in. Just know that everything will work out. My piece of advice: don’t ever feel bad about choosing to do the ‘face mask option’ instead.

My Favorite go-to Face Masks when things get just a little bit too much (all different price points)--

1. Dr. Jart Vita Hydra Solution Sheet Mask ($7)

2. Laniege Cica Sleeping Mask ($34)

3. TONYMOLY I’m Real Aloe Mask ($3)

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