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3 TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Worth Trying

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

By Remi Fisher

Let's be honest, like many others, I’m easily influenced. When an influencer swears by a clothing dupe or beauty product, I go and buy it. If Hailey Bieber does chrome nails, I’ll get them done the next day. It’s gotten to the point where basically everything is a

trend, mostly thanks to TikTok. And my night-time ritual isn’t complete without a casual, hour-long scroll through on the app.


Is your TikTok feed also filled with hacks that claim to change your life?

Some of these viral trends sound too good to be true... So I decided to run you through some trends that I’ve tried, and let you know if they’re actually worth doing!

An often-forgotten step of skincare and makeup is SPF. I discovered my holy grail product, the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen (SPF 40), after it went viral, on TikTok! I used to struggle with putting on face sunscreen at the beach. The sunscreens I used were visibly white, heavy, and I could never blend them in all the way. This product was a real game-changer for me. It looks like I’m not even wearing any sunscreen; it's completely weightless and invisible. Perfect for wearing with makeup too!

There’s a lot of buzz on Tiktok right now surrounding the ‘clean girl’ makeup look: the glowy skincare, laminated brows, and the slicked-back hair. And I, after months of experience can share with you my tips and tricks to pull off this vibe:

- Use a ton of serum for extra glow (the Yardè Vitamin C Serum Glow is great for this) combined with a super thick moisturizer. This has my skin looking hydrated and healthy, without using any base makeup.

- laminating your brows with gel really makes a difference! You’ll look put together, and of course *clean*, without trying too hard. This is my go-to everyday makeup.

- The slick-back hairstyle pulls off the clean look without fail, but remember to be cautious about the products you use for it! Try switching out a gel for a hair mask, and hair spray for spraying with water instead. My personal favorite mask is the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Mask. This way, you won’t get any product build-up. Trust me, it’ll make a world of difference to your hair!

This year has been the comeback of the layered curtain bang haircut, a signature look for Rachel from Friends. I’m a huge fan of Rachel and her style; her outfits and looks are always amazing. When it-girl/influencer Matilda Djerf started trending, I ran to my hair salon and showed her hair as a reference photo.

In all seriousness, this haircut really did transform my hair. Dubbed as the ‘butterfly haircut’ on TikTok, the style adds bounce and odd-school glamor, making your hair look a whole lot healthier than before. It’s especially great for curly hair, like mine! TikTok also influenced me to try heatless hair rollers. They’re easy to learn and don’t do any damage to your hair, unlike a curler. This haircut is extra bouncy

when you pair the two. I always get compliments on my curls when I use the rollers.

Enough said!

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