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Maris- Sal Tonic Water 

100 ml - 3.4 Fl.Oz.

Prurifies & Cleanses & Hydrates 




Yardè Maris-Sal Tonic Water.

Use daily, at night preferably after removing the makeup and

after you've washed your face with a face wash. While in the morning,

use it as a gentle cleanser to get rid of all the excess oils and dead skin

without dehydrating your face. 

In this Tonic Water, you will find a natural blend of vitamins, minerals,

acids, antioxidants, and oils. 

Daily use of the Maris-Sal Tonic Water will result in a deeply conditioned, e

ven-looking skin tone.

Key Ingredients: Maris-Sal Salts, Pomegranate fruit extract.
Produced in a cruelty-free manner.


Valid on all orders over 249.90 (within Israel). No code necessary. Free shipping will be applied at checkout and does not include duties.

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