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The Full Story of Our

Zero-Waste Approach

Because we want to do good by the Earth 

'zero waste'


We believe that maintaining healthy skin means maintaining a healthy planet. That's why we use 100% biodegradable ingredients with 'zero-waste' packaging.


And that's just the start. . . 


We ship our products naked.

And we are the first Mediterranean-focused skincare brand to create an independently-run recycling system so you know that you are helping to save the planet, one Yardè bottle at a time. 

Our Philosophy:





recycled packaging material 

We love a good unboxing, but we think a great unboxing is when it takes the Yardè approach.

At Yardè, we use 100% recycled/recyclable materials when shipping our products, avoiding the production of any excess waste. 

So when you're done, you can simply put all in the recycling bin! Waste Free!


glass glass glass

Glass is the new better plastic.

Over are the days in which we do not pay attention to the overwhelming amount of plastic waste we create. We know that glass is the future.

Why Glass . . .

Clean: The glass recycling process is the cleanest method of recycling, to-date. 

Unlimited-Use: When you recycle glass, it can be recycled an unlimited amount of times because of its' materiality and durability. In comparison, plastic can only be recycled a max of 3 times before its' quality decreases to the point where it can no longer be used.

Purpose: Glass can be recycled into the same form, over-and-over again. In comparison, plastic cannot be recycled to produce the same product, which creates complexity in the recycling process, furthering ourselves away from a sustainable future.


Preservation: Not only is glass better for the environment, but it preserves our lotions, serums, and cremes better than our outdated plastic friends. That's why Yardè has committed to using glass bottles to deliver the best product to your home.


recycling you can

Putting you in control of your environmental footprint.

Here at Yardè, we believe it when we see it. That's why we have a dedicated in-house recycling facility to ensure that your choice in living a sustainable life truly means a better future. 


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about our Bottle Return Guide


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