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How to Make Your Goals a Reality

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

By Samantha Preza

Every year I put together a list of resolutions like many people as they embark on a new journey for the upcoming year. A new year could mean many things. In the past years, I wrote down many goals to make them happen but I could never keep up with these resolutions or make them a reality.

In 2021, I finally decided to make a goal that I have had in my mind for a long time, a constant in my life.

I decided to put my health first and make sure that I am working hard to see a change in my body. This was not easy but it is still a current goal in my life that I want to keep up with.

I am sure this is relatable to many others, for making your goals a reality is a promise you have to make to yourself and truly work towards it. It will just not occur on its own.

In 2022, I made a list of resolutions and I will make sure I do everything in my power to ensure they become my reality. Here are some ways you could also make your goals a reality and influence your lifestyle and habits positively:

- Vision Board: The first thing I did to start off my new year was creating my vision board. This is the perfect way to visualize the dream you want to put forth in front of you. This is the first year I have made a vision board and I am very excited to see how many goals I can accomplish that are on it. I made my vision board my phone and iPad background as a reminder for

myself each day. This is a great way to start off your year to look through Pinterest and select images of how you want your year to look like.

- Manifesting: Secondly, a thing I have been learning about throughout this year is how to manifest more in my life. Through journaling everyday, I have found that I am able to list new manifestations for my future. Manifesting means to bring your dreams into a reality by living the goals you want to make happen eventually. An example of manifestations that I like to write in my journal are, “Everyday I am moving towards my best life ” and “I am creating a life of passion and purpose.”

Manifesting helps me give purpose to make sure I believe in the goals I want to make my reality.

Lastly, I recently discovered an app called Notion. This is an online platform almost like Microsoft used to organize your life and make necessary lists. I used this app to create a list of goals for each month of the year. This way I am able to keep myself organized and efficient as well as hold myself accountable and feel as though I am changing my life every day.

It is okay to have forgotten about goals you have made in the past. There are so many ways to make 2022 a year of new goals and new outcomes. You just have to give it a little push.

In the future, it is important to make sure you are not letting go of goals you wanted to make a reality for yourself.

Each year is a fresh start to a new journey. Everyone can make their goals happen if they hold

themselves responsible for it.

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