The Full Story


We are promoting a way of life that is right and healthy for ourselves and the planet.

For us, self-care & self-love does not have to come at the expense of the environment, which is why we have chosen our bottles and packaging carefully!

All of our products come in durable *glass* bottles which allows for easy recycling or reuse. Also, while shipping, we only use recycled or recyclable materials that are only absolutely necessary to ensure the products safely travel to you. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the greenest and cleanest shopping experience possible.


Finally, every time you return the bottles to us, you will receive a 30% discount voucher for the next purchase!


Our main goal is that we as a community will start promoting a waste-free lifestyle.

We believe that the use of self-care products packaged in glass instead of plastic is the first step!

The less we use plastic, the more the world will thank us for it later.


In the future, we strive to offer a bottle-filling service! Hopefully, it will happen very soon! 

We will keep you updated!